Thank you for the Birthday greetings for Sandra this year. Her birthday was April 23. For Christmas card 2001 archives go here


Name: Mayra
City Santa Ana
Sent: 22.58 - 5/11 2002

Happy Birthday!!!

Name: Michael P. O'Connor
City Dallas, TX
Sent: 07.12 - 5/11 2002

I want to wish you a very Happpy Birthday.. I just want to wish you and your family all of the happiness in the world.. Thank the LORD JESUS that he has brought you to a place in your sweet life that you can be happy.. Your movies really had a definite effect in my life.. You were just a shinning example of sweet innocence.. May we have many many more birthdays.. A long time fan of yours and will continue to be a loving fan....

Name: Julia pimentel
City Beverly hills
Sent: 20.13 - 5/10 2002

happy Birthday to the best person in the world!!Who? U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Linda
City Visalia
Sent: 00.38 - 5/6 2002

Hope you had a Happy late B-day. Were the movie & the series of Gidget fun to make? I remember when you did the movie Tammy & the Doctor. That was such a cute movie. I am right now watching Take Her She's Mine with Jimmy Stewart

Name: Susan Krokidis
Sent: 14.35 - 5/4 2002

Best Wishes for many happy returns of the day, and congratulations on the birth of Olivia!

Name: Melody J. Lenahan
City Mesa, Az.
Sent: 21.50 - 5/1 2002

Happy Birthday! To a very talented actress. Whom I have followed through out my life. I have been a very big fan of yours and, Bobby Darins' for as long as I have been watching films. You had a very big challenge while you were growing up as young lady. I congratulate you on your lifetime acheivements. I wish you a very big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' and, many more to come. Enjoy the best of time with your son Dodd and, his family. Family is the most precious part of life. Thank you for the best films that I have ever watched.
Sincerely a Fan,
Melody Lenahan

Name: Joe Haas
City P.O.Box 218, Ashland, NH 03217
Sent: 08.43 - 5/1 2002

Happy Birthday + 7 days Sandra, and for many more! Are you over at ? IN SEARCH OF...a signed photo too, to send you a SASE soon. For now though see our State of New Hampshire web site for tourism, the theme song from your A SUMMER PLACE used to play all the time at the local realtor's office (;-) , see you on vacation here this Summer? -- Joe

Name: Lin
Sent: 06.08 - 4/30 2002

Happy belated Birthday...Thanks for all the great memories you have given your fans over the years..

Name: gina sarmento
City london
Sent: 07.56 - 4/29 2002

i wish that you are in peace,happy birthday.i wish become a person like you because my dream is to became a famous model and iam 14..
Kisses from gina

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