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Below are free internet cards with Sandra's beautiful pictures you can send to your friends. Follow the directions below, be creative and have fun. NOTE: The captions below are only suggestions.

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Sandra Dee Sandra Dee Sandra Dee Sandra Dee
You're Beautiful Thinking of You Thanks for the gift I Miss You
Sandra Dee Sandra Dee Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin Sandra Dee
Wish You were Here Get well Soon Will You Marry Me Have a nice day
Looking for proper words Forgotten Birthday Get well soon Get Well Soon
Feeling sad Forgotten Birthday Falling In Love Having a bad day?
Please write Congratulations Happy Birthday Thinking of you
Please write Congratulations Happy Birthday Glad I found you

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NOTE:This page has been proofed and tested extensively by myself and my friend Donna. Hopefully everything works. If not, go back and double check everything you have typed in, you may have made a typo. Also, there maybe times when , the company that hosts this service is down, so you might try again later. Also, be sure you want to mail a card, because once it is sent, it cannot be unsent. Pictures in rows 1-2 from the collection of Mike Valeur. Last picture was originally a magazine ad for Noxema donated by Joan C.

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