Sandra Dee Films

          PLEASE NOTE ( addressing questions I have been asked lately): has mistakenly listed several movies that star Sandra. She was not in "Hope Floats" or "The Prince of Egypt". Also The Internet Movie Database lists a movie entitled "Ad est di Marsa Matruh " and no one really knows what the heck that is. Also, our Sandra needs not to be confused with the porn star Sandra Dee, there is absolutely no connection there. Still other places on the web list Sandra as being in the movie "Junior Bonner". This was actually actress SANDRA DEEL. Sandra DID NOT star in the film "Grease", although there is a song called "Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee". The actresses singing the song were Stockard Channing and Olivia Newton John, not Sandra. Last but not least, we ask that you try to buy these movies listed below commercially, ( more about that is here) but if you cannot find them, for your convenience please go to this link or this link and try those vendors! Thanks!

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